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Portal for front-end programming projects in modern JavaScript.

Commodore 64

  • Wrote a JavaScript parser to convert C64 type-in programs from Compute! and Compute!'s Gazette using the checksum routines from MLX II and The Automatic Proofreader 2.
  • Github repository for C64 type-in utilities and several parsed programs.

C64 screens

Average run time calculator

  • Calculate the average run time per mile. Distances can be integer or decimal up to 3 places. Times must be (HHH:MM):SS.
Avg. / mile

Card game scoring

Oh Hell / Contract Whist

Quick reference scoring table. Making bid = +25; each trick taken = +5; each trick taken different than bid = -10.


GPS format conversion

Google Maps to Adobe Bridge

Convert GPS coordinates from Google Maps (decimal degrees) to Adobe Bridge (non-standard degrees and decimal minutes).

Google Maps:
Bridge Latitude:
Bridge Longitude:
Bridge for Google Maps:
Bridge back to Google Maps: